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10 pc Brush set 97



10 pc Brush set - pony & sable hair.

10 pc Brush set 98



10 pc Brush set - pony & sable hair

10 pc brush set 99



10 pc Brush set - pony & sable hair

10 piece Brush set - white



 10 pc Brush Set - white.

12 pc brush set



12 pc Brush set - synthetic hair

17 piece Brush Pocket



 17 Piece Brush Belt Pocket

5 pc Brush set



5 pc  Brush set - pony & sable hair

9 piece Brush set



 9 piece Brush Set 

Eye brow Stencil Kit



 Eye Brow Stencil Kit 

FE Manicure Scissors



 Fe Manicure Scissors

Fe Foot File



 Fe Wooden Foot File

 Fe Corn File

 Fe Pumice stone

Fe Mouth Spray



 Fe Mouth Spray

Fe Nail Clippers



 Fe Nail Clippers

 Fe Toe Nail Clippers

 Fe Nail Clippers 2 pc set 

Fe Nail File



 Fe Colour Nail file

 Fe 7 way buffer and File

Fe Nail Nippers



 Fe Nail Nippers

 Fe Cuticle Nippers

Fe Tweezers



 Fe Tweezers

Tweezer Classic - straight tip

Tweezer Optimum - straight tip

Tweezer Colour - Slant tip

Tweezer Professional - Straight tip

Tweezer Professional - Slant tip

Tweezer Elegance 

Tweezer Fantastic - Slant tip

Tweezer Ergonomic - Slant tip

Tweezer Design - Gold plated straight tip

Tweezer Motif - Gold plated straight tip 

Tweezer Glittery - Non slip tip

Tweezer Oval tip - Non slip tip

Golden Rose Beauty Blender sponge



 Golden Rose Beauty Blender sponge 

Golden Rose Blender Sponge



 New designed blending sponge

Golden Rose Brow & lash brush and comb



 Golden Rose Brow & lash brush and comb

Golden Rose Brush Cleanser



 Golden Rose Brush Cleanser 


GR Brush Cleanser works to remove dirt and makeup residue from both synthetic and natural brushes.

It cleanses, purifies and protects your make up brushes.

This unique brush cleanser dissolves all makeup residues and helps to keep your brushes last longer for extended use.


How to use: 

Pour directly onto brush hairs and massage into a tissue to remove makeup and sanitise.

Repeat as necessary with a clean tissue until bristles are fully clean.

We recommend to rinse well and let it to dry before the next use.



Golden Rose Contour Kabouki Brush



 Specially designed S shape sculpting and shaping contour kabuki brush

Golden Rose Cotton Pads



 Golden Rose Cotton Pads


100% cotton

Golden Rose Eyelash Adhesive Black



 Golden Rose Eyelash Adhesive Black

Golden Rose Eyelash Curler



 Golden Rose Eyelash Curler


A gentle eyelash curler that delivers dramatic lasting curl to your lashes, It provides a fast, deep and lasting curl without creasing or tugging lashes. It includes one refill silicone pad.

- Use this eyelash curler before applying mascara on clean and dry lashes.
- Place the open curler on lashes getting as close to the lash line as possible.
- Gently squeeze the lashes for 3-4 seconds being careful not to tug the skin.
- For more curl, repeat the steps until desired curl is achieved.


Golden Rose False Eyelashes



 Golden Rose False Eyelashes

Available in 10 different sizes


Golden Rose Individual Eyelashes

Available in Long , medium and short



Golden Rose Flocked powder puff



 Golden Rose Flocked powder puff x 2

Golden Rose Foundation brush



 Golden Rose Foundation brush

Golden Rose Make up Bag



 Golden Rose Make up Bag


Available in Pink or Purple - size small or large

Golden Rose Make up Brush Kit



 Golden Rose Make up Brush Kit 


Includes commonly used make up brushes

Powder brush

concealer brush

foundation brush

brow & lash brush and comb

Dual ended eyeshadow brush

Blusher brush

Golden Rose Make up Brushes



 Golden Rose Make up Brushes


 Contour Brush

 Perfect Finish Brush

 Shader Brush

 Eyeliner Brush 

 Double sided eyeshadow Brush

 Eyebrow Brush

 Fan Brush

 Highligher Brush

 Eyeshadow Brush

 Tapered Blending Brush

 Blending Brush

 Perfect Contour Brush

Golden Rose Make up Fixing Spray



 Golden Rose Make up Fixing Spray

 Keeps your make up looking great all day long with its lightweight and non-sticky formula

Golden Rose Make up latex sponge



 Golden Rose Make up latex sponge x 2pcs

Golden Rose Micro fiber powder puff



 Golden Rose Micro fiber Powder puff

Golden Rose Sharpener



Golden Rose Sharpener


For eye pencils, lip pencils and Jumbo stick Eye Shadow

Golden Rose Silicone Sponge



 New generation silicone sponge designed to apply liquid and cream make-up products 

Golden Rose Teardrop make up sponge



 Golden Rose Teardrop make up sponge

Golden Rose Wedge sponge set



 Golden rose Wedge sponge set x 6pcs

ikoo Hair bands



 Stylish Hair bands 

ikoo Hair brush



 ikoo Hair Brush

The ikoo hair brush is the hair brush with an extra benefit. Due to an optimised bristle architecture, the brush painlessly detangles the hair. The concave shape of ikoo models the perfect fit for the human skull where it allows for the manual pressure when brushing to be distributed evenly.
Moreover the ikoo brush massages the scalp and important acupuncture points due to its unique bristle architecture ad purpose - build bristles flexibility.

The painless brushing of the hair can be a useful contribution towards the relief of several symptoms. Traditionally, head massages are used in almost all cultures. The most popular are the Indian and Tibetan head massages. Unfortunately, most people to not have the option to get a daily massage by a massage professional. A practical alternative is a daily self-massage with the ikoo brush.

ikoo Hair brush - Metallic



 iKoo Brush is also available in 5 Metallic Colours both in Home and Pocket version with white or Black bristles







ikoo Infusion Style Assistant Spray



 Shields Thermal damage

ikoo Infusion Thermal Treatment Mask



 Protects & Repairs

ikoo Paddle X



 iKoo Paddle X

Perfect for blow- drying and styling, it offers the best features of iKoo – detangling while simultaneously massaging.

Protects your hair and its structure from excessive heat – no more split ends. The result is silky and healthy looking hair.

The X – shaped ventilation system gives you the perfect blow-drying results – you decide how much hot air is directed to your hair. 

Available in Black and White

ikoo Paddle X Metallic



 6 different colours


ikoo Paradise Collection



 iKoo Paradise Collection

Available in Sugar plum - Orange blossom - Ocean breeze - Fireball - cotton candy

All colours are all available with black or white bristles and Home or Pocket version

ikoo e-styler



 ikoo e-styler  


ikoo e – styler    Brush your hair straight

2 in 1 tool – combining the straightener and brush in one

Superior quality and premium design with sophisticated packaging

Professional styling and intuitive handling, suitable for all hair types

Easy to use both for the hair stylist in salon and for the end – user at home or on the road.

The new ikoo e-styler facilitates quick and effective straightening and styling with easy and familiar brushing movements

Brush slowly from the roots to ends to get the best results because styling at the roots is no problem and absolutely possible with the e-styler.

Ultra modern ceramic panels ensure steady and gentle straightening and brushing – it takes no time to style the hair for any occasion.

The ergonomic handle ensures a good grip, the rubberized surface provides stability, the power cord which is rotatable by 360 degrees offers security and the automatic shut – off function turns off the device after 30 minutes.

The material surrounding the ceramic panels isolate the heat, thus protecting the scalp from burn.



Self- regulating temperature properties provide steady heat distribution. The S shaped bristle arrangement helps brush and straighten the hair uniformly and completely as the hair is heated from both sides. The bristles are made of small, highly efficient ceramic panels, ready for use within minutes at the default temperature of 190 °C .  Temperature levels between 150°C and 230°C are available. The ultra modern ionic function treats split ends and static and can be used with the straightening function or separately – a technology that is often used by professionals in salons. Seals hair cuticles, reducing frizz , split ends and knotting – leaving hair silky and radiant



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